Review, Strategy, and Playing Guide for Evolution Fan Tan

Evolution has managed to capture the essence of traditional games and modernize them for today’s discerning players as effectively as anyone in the mesmerizing world of live casino games. Vijaybet brings you Evolution’s Fan Tan, a game that pays homage to an ancient Chinese gambling tradition. This entrancing game on Vijaybet transports players back to a time when precise predictions were the key to winning. For the adept, the game’s complexity adds layers of thrill, making every wager an adrenaline rush. We at Vijaybet are proud to be associated with Evolution’s ability to reinvent such classic games. In addition to experiencing Fan Tan’s rich legacy, players get to benefit from Evolution’s state-of-the-art features. This guide on Vijaybet offers insight for both newcomers and connoisseurs on the nuances of playing live Fan Tan on Vijaybet. We are embarking on a journey through Evolution’s rendition of Fan Tan, exclusively curated for the Vijaybet community.

Introduction to Evolution’s Fan Tan

A time-honored Chinese gambling game inspired Evolution’s Fan Tan. This captivating game involves betting on the final count after a set of counters or beads is divided into four groups. Predictions that are precise result in wins. The excitement is amplified by the intricate betting options available to seasoned players.

Fan Tan is Evolution’s latest live dealer offering, crafted to meet the burgeoning demand from Asia-Pacific players.

Even though Evolution wasn’t the first to introduce live Fan Tan to the market, they have unquestionably created the most advanced and feature-rich version. Premier Evolution Live Casinos offers this top-notch game.

My forthcoming sections will discuss the mechanics of playing live Fan Tan, covering essentials for novices and advanced players alike. In addition, I’ll highlight effective playing strategies, compare Evolution’s Fan Tan to its rivals, and pinpoint the best Evolution Live Casinos.

Evolution Fan Tan Overview

Live casino action unfolds in Evolution Fan Tan’s meticulously designed studio, resonating with ancient Chinese motifs. “Tan ching” is a distinctive playing surface accompanied by white ceramic beads. Play also involves a transparent glass dome, a metallic selection cup called a “Tan koi”, and a bead-sorting rod called a “Tan pong”. The Tan Koi is used to retrieve a random assortment of beads from the dome under the guidance of the Croupier. By segmenting these beads into sets of four, the Tan pong eventually leaves a solitary line of beads. There can be one to four beads in this concluding line.

What is the ultimate challenge? The players must wager and pinpoint the exact number of beads in this final lineup. There is no doubt that the essence of the game is beautifully straightforward!

Evolution Fan Tan Gameplay Mastery

There are two distinct perspectives available to players in Evolution Fan Tan. Beginners or those unfamiliar with Fan Tan might find the first view most helpful. A streamlined betting grid highlights only the primary bet types, providing a straightforward introduction to the game. It is recommended for seasoned players or those seeking a deeper dive to take advantage of the advanced game perspective. Fan Tan wagers combine basic bets with intricate and time-honored wagers. Experience the richness of this traditional game.

Fan Tan Playing View in Basic

Vijaybet  Fan Tan

Fan Tan Playing View in Advanced

Vijaybet Fan Tan

Fan Tan Betting

Fan Tan Bets Basics

Vijaybet Fan Tan

Fan Tan proves to be an elegantly simple game, with its fundamental bets easily comprehensible and straightforward to place.

Betting centers around predicting the number of beads that remain following the sorting process. Moreover, players have the option to wager on whether this count will be an odd or even number.

  1. Fan Bet: This bet is staked on the precise number of remaining beads, which can be 1, 2, 3, or 4. A successful prediction yields a payout of 2.85 times the wager.
  2. Big/Small Bet: The Big/Small Bet focuses on whether the remaining count will be categorized as Small (1 or 2 beads) or Big (3 or 4 beads). Winning this wager results in a payout of 0.95 times the initial bet.
  3. Odd/Even Bet: This straightforward bet involves predicting the parity of the outcome. If the result is an Odd number (1 or 3 beads), or an Even number (2 or 4 beads), you can place your bet accordingly. Both Odd and Even bets offer a payout of 0.95 times the wager.

In essence, Fan Tan’s simplicity lies in its uncomplicated bet types, allowing players to engage with ease while relishing the thrill of this traditional game.

Fan Tan Bets The Basics

Vijaybet Fan Tan

Beyond the fundamental bets, the advanced betting grid introduces three additional wagering opportunities.

  1. Nim Bet: The Nim bet is akin to the Fan bet, but it covers two numbers instead of just one. The first number predicts a win, while the second results in a push, returning your initial stake. A successful win on the Nim bet pays out at 1.90 times your wager. This betting strategy effectively provides a 50-50 chance, offering both an opportunity to win and a chance for a push.
  2. Kwok Bet: Similar to the Nim Bet, the Kwok Bet entails selecting two numbers. However, with the Kwok Bet, both chosen numbers are potential winners. Payouts for the Kwok Bet are half the value of the Nim bet, offering a rate of 0.95 times your wager.
  3. Ssh (Sheh-sam-hong) Bet: The Ssh bet centers on three specific numbers. A win is secured if any of these three numbers come up, while a loss occurs if none of them are selected. Although it offers the lowest payout at 0.316667 times your wager, the Ssh bet is statistically more likely to result in a win. Notably, the Hong Bet in other Fan Tan games resembles this bet, but in Evolution Fan Tan, there is no provision for a push on the two losing numbers.

These advanced betting options add depth and complexity to your gameplay, allowing you to tailor your strategy and level of risk according to your preferences.

Unveiling the Bead Selection Process

In Evolution Fan Tan, the dealer orchestrates the pivotal moment of bead selection, adding an element of anticipation.

As the dealer unveils the pile, the glass dome cradling the ceramic beads takes center stage. Using their other hand, they gracefully slide the metal cup across the table’s surface, scooping up a handful of beads. Next, they carefully place the inverted cup on the table, concealing the beads underneath.

In just a few seconds, this seamless and rapid maneuver unfolds, intentionally keeping players guessing about the exact number of beads. Each Fan Tan round is characterized by suspense and intrigue, making it a captivating experience.

Vijaybet Fan Tan

Beads arranged in formation

Following the betting phase, the dealer unfolds the meticulously arranged beads. The dealer lifts the cup with a deft motion, revealing the beads. The sorting stick is used to methodically separate four beads at a time, neatly lining them up along the tableside. As a result of this precise and careful process, the beads become visual representations of chance and possibility, setting the stage for Evolution Fan Tan’s thrilling climax.

Vijaybet Fan Tan

Taking a closer look at the results

As soon as there are four beads left on the table, the game reaches its climax. All remaining beads are moved to the center of the table, ensuring visibility for all players. Afterwards, each player’s wagers are meticulously compared to the final outcome. Winning bets are promptly credited to players’ accounts, delivering the thrilling conclusion to Evolution Fan Tan.

Vijaybet Fan Tan

Making use of game statistics

Players’ future betting strategies are heavily influenced by past results in Asian-facing live dealer games.

Despite the lack of direct causation between the two, players eagerly seek historical results. Fan Tan also relies on Evolution to provide such statistics.

Three distinct sets of statistics are provided, each offering a unique perspective based on the outcomes of the 500 most recent game rounds. Most of these statistics revolve around basic bets, which serve as foundational indicators for more complex wagers.

Three distinct scoreboards are at players’ disposal:

  1. The first scoreboard meticulously tracks the Fan Bet results, revealing the percentage-wise frequency of wins for each number, along with the sequence in which these wins occurred.
  2. The second scoreboard delves into the Odd/Even bet, delineating the distribution of results between Odd and Even outcomes as a percentage, and also detailing the chronological sequence of these results.
  3. The final scoreboard casts light on the Big/Small results. Here, players can discern the percentage division and the sequential order of these outcomes.

When the game adheres to standard dynamics, one would anticipate a reasonably uniform distribution across all results over the course of 500 spins. The dispersion tends to even out further with a larger record of spins, whereas a smaller sample size can lead to more pronounced fluctuations in outcomes.


Q. What makes Evolution’s Fan Tan stand out among live casino games?

Evolution has successfully modernized traditional games, and Fan Tan is a prime example. It pays homage to ancient Chinese gambling traditions while offering modern features and thrills.

Q. What can players expect from the game’s complexity?

For seasoned players, the game’s complexity adds layers of excitement and challenge, making each wager an adrenaline rush.

Q. How does Vijaybet enhance the Fan Tan experience?

Vijaybet provides a platform for players to enjoy Evolution’s rendition of Fan Tan, combining the game’s rich legacy with Evolution’s state-of-the-art features.