Fan Tan Betting Tips and Strategies

Fan Tan, like many gambling games, relies heavily on chance. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t employ strategies to improve your odds. While luck remains a significant factor, understanding the game and using specific tactics can provide you with a competitive edge. When it comes to Fan Tan betting, knowledge is key. By mastering the game’s rules and nuances, you can make informed choices, potentially increasing your chances of success. Although there is no infallible strategy for consistent wins, a solid grasp of the game’s mechanics and the application of intelligent betting practices can greatly enrich your overall enjoyment.

Vijaybet recognizes the allure of Fan Tan and offers a platform where enthusiasts can engage in this captivating game. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive resources cater to both experienced players and newcomers, ensuring a rewarding and equitable gambling experience. It’s essential to practice responsible gambling and remember that outcomes are primarily dictated by chance. While strategies can aid in making informed decisions during play, approaching Fan Tan with an open mind and embracing the excitement of calculated risks is paramount. Join Vijaybet today and embark on your journey into the world of Fan Tan betting with confidence! 

Fan Tan Betting and Playing Strategy

When it comes to gambling games, it’s important to acknowledge that they are primarily games of chance, not skill. While I won’t be providing a surefire winning strategy for Fan Tan, I can offer insights into the various bets and their odds to help you make more informed choices and enjoy the game.

Best Bets for Consistent Wins in Fan Tan

One of the bets that frequently yields wins, albeit with smaller payouts, is the Ssh bet with combinations like 3-2-1, 4-3-2, 2-1-4, or 1-4-3. While the payout is modest, you have a 3-in-1 chance of winning with this bet. It’s a great option if you aim to manage your bankroll and gradually accumulate a small profit. Keep in mind that significant winnings are unlikely with this bet unless you start with a substantial wager.

The Riskiest Bet in Fan Tan

The riskiest, yet potentially most rewarding, bet in Fan Tan is the Fan bet, offering a 1-in-4 chance of winning with a payout of 2.85:1.

Even Money Bets

Similar to outside bets in roulette, even-money bets provide two possible outcomes – win or lose. The Kwok bet gives you two chances to win as you’re betting on two numbers. If either of them comes up, you win. This bet is slightly riskier than the Ssh bet, reflected in its 0.95:1 payout.

A Moderate Betting Option

The Nim bet lets you select two numbers – the Win number and the Push number. If your Win number appears, you receive a 1.90:1 payout. If the Push number appears, you get your initial stake back as a push. This bet is suitable for those who want to add some excitement to the game while maintaining a 50-50 chance of achieving a result, be it a win or a push.

Strategic Considerations

While understanding the bets and their associated risks is essential, strategies in Fan Tan also involve an element of observation and intuition.

Pay close attention to the game’s statistics and past results to discern any patterns. This might reveal tendencies in how the dealer selects the number of beads. If the dealer consistently follows the same movements, they are likely to pick up a similar number of beads each time. Watch for repeating results to identify such patterns and make more informed bets based on your observations.

Return To Player (RTP) – Expected payouts

Depending on the type of bet you place, the expected return to players (RTP) ranges from 96.25% to 98.75%. Below are the payout details for various Evolution Fan Tan bets.

Fan Tan Bets RTP Basics

Vijaybet  Fan Tan

Net Returns for Fan Tan Bets

Vijaybet Fan Tan

RTP for advanced fan tan bets

Vijaybet Fan Tan

Compatible Devices

Evolution has designed Fan-Tan to be compatible with all device categories. Whether you prefer playing on a desktop, mobile device, tablet, or laptop, you can expect an exceptional gaming experience.

Vijaybet  Fan Tan

Comparing Live Fan Tan Options

Asia Live Tech offers an online live dealer Fan Tan game available in two versions: one with dice and another with beads. The betting options remain consistent with those in the Evolution version. Let’s conduct a brief comparison.

Fan Tan Evolution

  • Broadcasted from a specialized studio.
  • Offers dual playing interfaces.
  • Accessible on various platforms and devices.
  • Delivers high-definition streaming.
  • Utilizes bead-based gameplay.
  • Accessible at both Asian and European online casinos.

Revised and Enhanced Options

  • Combines Dice and Bead gameplay elements.
  • Live-streamed directly from a brick-and-mortar casino venue.
  • Experience the game alongside on-site casino players.
  • Enhanced streaming quality for an immersive experience.
  • Limited dealer interaction during gameplay.
  • Offers a classic and traditional gaming atmosphere.
  • Available at online casinos catering to Asian audiences.


To conclude, Fan Tan is a game where luck plays an important role, but understanding its mechanics and employing strategic insights can enhance your enjoyment. We at Vijaybet understand the appeal of Fan Tan and provide a user-friendly platform for both new and experienced players. Since gambling outcomes are largely determined by luck, responsible gambling is crucial. Strategies can aid in making informed decisions, but embracing calculated risks is essential.

It can be an exciting journey to explore the world of Fan Tan betting. Remember that Evolution has created a versatile experience for all devices as you play this captivating game. In contrast, Asia Live Tech allows you to immerse yourself in a traditional casino environment. Whether you choose Evolution or Asia Live Tech, your Fan Tan adventure will be both entertaining and rewarding.

Embark on your Fan Tan journey with confidence at Vijaybet today. We guarantee an enriching and equitable gambling experience, making every bet a step closer to your next thrilling win, regardless of whether you’re rolling dice or embracing beads.


Q. In Evolution Fan Tan, how are the beads selected?

As the dealer lifts a cup, the beads are selected and sorted with a bead-sorting rod, creating a sense of anticipation.

Q. What happens when there are only four beads left?

The game ends when four beads or fewer remain. The final outcome is compared to the players’ wagers at the center of the table. Players’ accounts are credited with winnings.

Q. What is the significance of Fan Tan’s game statistics?

In Fan Tan, game statistics help players make informed betting decisions based on past results. There are three different sets of statistics available, providing different perspectives on the last 500 game rounds. Players can use these statistics to understand the game’s dynamics and trends.