Win Multipliers in Super Andar Bahar

Super Andar Bahar is a turbocharged version of the beloved Asian table game. Developed by Evolution, a leading provider in the online casino industry, Super Andar Bahar takes the traditional game to new heights with the addition of thrilling win multipliers.

You’ll be delighted to know that Evolution has added their famous multiplier payouts to Andar Bahar. You could win up to 4,000 times your initial bet if the cards and multipliers align!

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to online casinos, Super Andar Bahar at Vijaybet will thrill you. In this turbocharged version of a classic favorite, you can expect fast-paced action and incredible chances to win big.

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Evolution Super Andar Bahar in Depth

As a variant of the traditional Asian table game Andar Bahar, Evolution Super Andar Bahar is a completely revamped and turbocharged version, featuring enticing win multipliers, and stemming from the vibrant world of Asian table games.

In this game, Evolution Gaming, a company known for its innovative approach, has seamlessly integrated its signature multiplier payouts, a unique feature of the company. As a result of this innovation, players will be able to reap a staggering 4000x return by aligning the stars and having the cards coincide perfectly with the multipliers.

One of the most notable features of this game is the presence of a prominent side-bet multiplier. Aside from being able to engage in this side bet autonomously, players also have the option to engage with it in harmony with the principal hand, which adds to the excitement.

I will dive further into this comprehensive review as I explore the nuances of how to master Evolution Super Andar Bahar in the following paragraphs. With the assistance of illustrative hands and a detailed video review, I also intend to equip you with invaluable strategy insights, designed to enhance your prowess and raise the level of your gaming experience through my detailed video analysis.

Exploring the world of Super Andar Bahar

Evolution’s Live Super Andar Bahar reimagines the time-honored Asian table game, Andar Bahar. Super Andar Bahar’s genius lies in its innovative multipliers, which can boost side bet earnings up to 4,000 times the original stake.

The game begins with the reveal of the first card of a single deck of 52 playing cards. As the Joker card is revealed, the stage is set. Matching card values are anxiously awaited in the Andar and Bahar positions. As the dealer alternates face-up cards between Andar and Bahar, tension builds. The round ends when a card matching the Joker’s value appears.

There is an enticing simplicity to the reward structure. Andar Position victories are rewarded with a 0.9:1 payout. Triumphing in the Bahar position, on the other hand, grants a 1:1 reward, delighting astute players.

In addition to the core game mechanics, there are ten side bets to consider. Each side bet involves a range of card numbers dealt until a Joker match is made. Escalating payouts are directly related to the accumulation of dealt cards.

During the peak of anticipation, multipliers are applied randomly to select side bets post-betting and pre-dealing. The multipliers range from a modest, yet gratifying 9:1 to an exhilarating 3999 times the stake.

What is the true charm of Super Andar Bahar? It gives players a sense of autonomy. With side bets, there is no mandatory main-hand bet, allowing for varied gameplay strategies.

Vijaybet Super Andar Bahar

Wagering Your Stakes

You can place your bets on the principal hands, Andar or Bahar, as well as on the supplementary side bets during the designated wagering window. The side bets can be engaged exclusively, bypassing the main hand wager entirely if you prefer. There are random multipliers added to select side bets after the betting window closes, enhancing potential returns.

Vijaybet Super Andar Bahar

Joker Card Selection

The dealer reveals the Joker from a newly shuffled deck. This card is pivotal to both Andar and Bahar hands.

Vijaybet Super Andar Bahar

The cards are distributed

From the deck, the second card is revealed and placed in the Andar position, while the third card is placed in the Bahar position. The two hands alternate dealing cards until one aligns with the Joker card.

Vijaybet Super Andar Bahar

Triumphant Hands

A match with the Joker card concludes the game. The interface then rewards players who correctly predicted the winning hand. Those who correctly predicted the number of cards dealt before this match also receive their due rewards.

Exploring side bet possibilities for Andar Bahar

In Evolution’s Andar Bahar game, you can choose from 10 different side bet options. Feel free to bet on as few or as many of these captivating options as you like.

When matched with the joker card, these side bets align with the total number of dealt cards. Among the ranges are:

  • 1 to 5 Cards – Yields 2:1 (9:1)
  • 6 to 10 Cards – Yields 3:1 (14:1)
  • 11 to 15 Cards – Yields 4:1 (19:1)
  • 16 to 20 Cards – Yields 5:1 (29:1)
  • 21 to 25 Cards – Yields 8:1 (39:1)
  • 26 to 30 Cards – Yields 12:1 (59:1)
  • 31 to 35 Cards – Yields 20:1 (99:1)
  • 36 to 40 Cards – Yields 40:1 (199:1)
  • 41 to 45 Cards – Yields 110:1 (499:1)
  • 46 to 49 Cards – Yields 800:1 (3999:1)

In parentheses above the ranges, randomly assigned multipliers heighten the stakes. Choosing a strategy for these side bets can be difficult, but multiplier payouts entice bolder experimentation.

Savor every success, even if you achieve substantial wins via multipliers. Do not focus solely on high payouts. Profitability is a primary objective of adopting a more conservative approach.

Three cards synchronize with a joker in a 52-card deck. There is no need to specify the hand – it’s about predicting the card count when the match takes place.

Divide 51 cards by 3, and you get an average of 17 – the distribution of three cards in a deck matching the joker. There should be a match for approximately every 17 cards dealt.

Targeting Cards 11-15, Cards 16-20, Cards 21-25, and Cards 31-35 is a strategic approach. The odds of winning bets placed on these ranges are statistically higher. However, variance can cause matches to deviate from these ranges, requiring exploratory bets based on your bankroll.

A pivotal rule is to never exceed what a single win can offer. In this way, you can preserve your bankroll and ensure profits if fortune smiles upon you.

Vijaybet Super Andar Bahar

Unveiling Super Andar Bahar’s statistics

In Super Andar Bahar you will find a comprehensive array of statistics covering the previous 50 games.

Nevertheless, given the complete shuffle of cards following each round, these statistics have no bearing on the upcoming game. As a result, they demonstrate the game’s balanced nature, resembling a proverbial coin toss, with an equitable distribution of victories between Andar and Bahar.

Usually, the Andar hand takes the lead in dealing, increasing its chances of securing an early match. To accommodate this advantage, Andar payouts are subject to a 10% commission.

Super Andar Bahar Returns to Players

In terms of return-to-player (RTP) percentages, the Andar position has an RTP of 97.85%, which reflects its player-friendliness. While Bahar’s RTP is slightly lower, it is still respectable at 97.00%. Overall, the riveting side bets, including the Multiplier-enhanced variants, have an RTP of 96%.

Vijaybet Super Andar Bahar

The Captivating Super Andar Bahar in Brief

In essence, Super Andar Bahar thrives on multipliers. Side bets appeal to those seeking multiplier-driven victories. The game’s inherent charm can, however, be diminished by this focus. Table presentation and dealer uniforms are inspired by authentic Indian aesthetics, enhancing the game’s ambiance. The traditional style of live dealer games is seamlessly merged with innovation in Super Andar Bahar.


Q. How is Super Andar Bahar different from traditional Andar Bahar?

A new twist on the beloved Asian table game, Super Andar Bahar introduces exhilarating win multipliers. You can win up to 4,000 times your initial bet with Evolution’s innovative gameplay.

Q. Would it be possible for me to focus solely on the side bets in Super Andar Bahar?

Absolutely! If you’re chasing the thrill of multiplier wins, you can exclusively play the side bets. However, it’s worth noting that concentrating solely on side bets might detract from the overall game experience.

Q. In Super Andar Bahar, how do Return to Player (RTP) percentages work?

The RTP for the Andar position in Super Andar Bahar is 97.85%, while the RTP for the Bahar position is 97.00%. Side bets, including those with multipliers, have an overall RTP of 96%. Player-friendly nature and potential for exciting returns are reflected in these percentages.