Vijaybet Presents Lightning Roulette for Indian Fans

Lightning Roulette is a stellar addition to Evolution Gaming’s lineup, which was showcased at ICE 2018. In addition to amplified payouts, this live roulette rendition features an electrically charged interface. Evolution Gaming’s dedication to innovation has cemented its reputation as the industry’s leading live casino developer.

Lightning Roulette isn’t just another game; it redefines the experience. Aside from preserving all traditional betting options, this unique Roulette version offers payouts ranging from 50:1 to 500:1 on straight-up bets. Every round, these lucky numbers are refreshed, creating new avenues for augmented rewards. Even more remarkable is its fusion of digital RNG with a live Roulette wheel, a novel approach Evolution had never attempted before.

Due to its limited presence in online casinos, the game’s impact on the market is still budding, but its popularity is certain to grow. Evolution’s high-end streaming and in-game options will be available to players.

Vijaybet’s Lightning Roulette is easy to play. The user-friendly wagering options and comprehensive statistical information will be familiar to players. With intuitive settings menus, accessibility is given a nod. What about the ambiance? Electricity reigns! The experience is enhanced by lightning bolts and riveting sound effects, especially when those chosen lucky numbers get zapped, signaling lucrative payouts.

Lightning Roulette Rules

Basic Structure:

  • Fundamentally, Lightning Roulette follows the same core rules as the classic European Roulette.
  • The game retains the traditional layout and wheel structure.

Distinctive Feature:

  • What sets Evolution’s Lightning Roulette apart is its unique twist before each spin.
  • Randomly, one to five numbers will be selected.
  • The exact number of chosen digits is unpredictable.
  • If the ball lands on any of these highlighted numbers, the payout is significantly amplified, ranging between 50x to 500x the initial bet.

Betting Restrictions:

  • To be eligible for the enhanced payouts, players must place “straight-up number bets”.
  • Other bet types, such as split, street, or any other variations, do not qualify for the multiplier benefits.

Standard Payout:

  • Numbers that aren’t selected for the special multiplier feature have a payout ratio of 29 to 1.

Return to Player (RTP):

  • In Lightning Roulette, the RTP for straight-up bets stands at 95.13%.
  • This RTP is a tad lower than that of the European Roulette.
  • However, it exceeds the RTP of the American Roulette variant.
Lightning Roulette Vijaybet

Betting on every number in lightning roulette

In most cases, the most common strategy is to bet on all the numbers straight up. In spite of the fact that this is not a +EV strategy (meaning that it does not guarantee profits), it is by no means a bad way to play this game. Due to the fact that there are between a single number and five numbers that get multipliers on every spin, this seems to work pretty well.

Here are some basic math concepts:

For every spin, you bet all the numbers for 1 UNIT = 37 units. As a result, the following outcomes are possible:

  • If you hit a non-multiplier number, it will pay 29 to 1, or 30 units (since you also get your stake back). When a non-multiplier number is hit, the net is -6 units.
  • 13 units are profited by hitting a multiplied number of 50x.
  • To make 63 units of profit, you multiply 100x.
  • Making 163 units of profit requires a multiplier of 200x.
  • A multiplied number of 300x makes a profit of 263 units.
  • For a profit of 363 units, you multiply 400x.
  • Making a profit of 463 units requires a multiplied number of 500x.

In this case, you can’t really estimate how often each multiplier will be awarded. The closest you’ll get to that is the game info tab, which lists the long-term RTP as 97.30%.

Myths debunked

I’m betting on all the numbers, so surely I’ll hit the multiplier every time? Is this a sign of profit?

We got carried away with this ourselves for a moment and thought about betting it all on this obviously winning strategy. Nevertheless…

To get a multiplier, you must actually hit the number.

If you bet all three numbers, “30” “31” and “32” get multipliers of 100x, but the ball lands on “8”. For a loss of 7 units, you get a 29 to 1 payout.

In theory, how often can one hit the Lightning Number by betting on just one number?

Based on the odds, that would mean that for every 1369 spins, one would happen.

Lightning Roulette Results – 1,000 spins

VijayBet observed one thousand spins of Lightning Roulette to determine how often multipliers are awarded and what players might expect. This is not statistically significant, but it should give you an idea of what to expect from this fun twist on a casino classic.

Lightning Roulette Vijaybet

To encapsulate the data presented in the table above, we conducted an experiment by betting on all numbers over 1,000 spins, and here’s the outcome:

  • Multiplied numbers were hit 69 times, translating to a hit rate of 6.9%.
  • The 50x multiplier was achieved 25 times (2.5% hit rate).
  • The 100x multiplier appeared 27 times (2.7% hit rate).
  • We encountered the 150x multiplier once.
  • Surprisingly, the 200x multiplier surfaced 12 times (1.2% hit rate).
  • The 400x multiplier made a singular appearance.
  • We were graced with the 500x multiplier twice.

The net outcome of these 1,000 spins was a loss of 624 units. Assuming we placed ₹1 per number, our total loss amounted to ₹624. Simultaneously, our total bet volume was ₹37,000, equating to a house edge of approximately 1.68%. It’s pivotal to mention that our observation from 1,000 spins is merely a drop in the ocean of a typical Lightning Roulette wheel’s lifespan. However, this is just our preliminary venture. We’re targeting a comprehensive study of 100,000 spins, so stay tuned.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that wagering ₹37,000 is substantial. Many gamblers could potentially benefit from introductory deposit bonuses or promotional rewards based on their wagers during such extensive gameplay.


Q. How is Lightning Roulette different from other versions of roulette?

Lightning Roulette combines a live roulette wheel with a digital RNG. Straight-up bets are rewarded 50:1 to 500:1. Lucky numbers are refreshed every round, resulting in enhanced rewards. Roulette isn’t just another game; it’s a redefined one.

Q. What is the multiplier feature in Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette selects one to five numbers at random before each spin. The payout can increase from 50x to 500x if the ball lands on these highlighted numbers. However, only “straight-up number bets” qualify for these multipliers.

Q. How frequently are multipliers awarded in Lightning Roulette based on 1,000 spins?

VijayBet observed 69 multiplied numbers being hit on 1,000 spins, achieving a hit rate of 6.9%. Multipliers appeared at different frequencies, with the 500x multiplier appearing twice. An insight into the game’s payout structure can be gained from this observation.